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Sports Fishing in India. Welcome to goa-fishing.com. We are based in Dona Paula, a small fishing village, near Panaji, Capital of Goa, on the mid west coast of India. We offer fishing trips from Offshore, Inshore to River fishing. Form of fishing from Bottom Fishing, Popping, Jigging, Spinning/Casting, Trolling and even Fly fishing if you are game for it. October in to December, offshore is at its best, for Sail Fish, Dorado, King Mackerel, Wahoo, Cobia, Barracuda, GTs, large Groupers, Snappers, and Threadfin Salmon. Inshore / river and estuary fishing is good all year round for bream, groupers, red snapper (mangrove jack) and the elusive barramun


The rule of thumb is, the deeper the water, the bigger the fish. You never know when


We fish the Sinqueirim Bay, Cabo Bay, Mormugoa Bay, Amee Shoal and Sunchi Reef. St George Islands, River Zuari...


Here in Goa, India. Barramundi and Mangrove Jack fishing is second to none. We fish the two main rivers of Goa...


The deep blue warm and clear waters with abundant tropical fish life and coral, at Grand Island, Bat Island, Sail Rock...


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