Spear fishing

Spearfishing in Goa

Spearfishing adventure in Goa.

The deep blue warm and clear waters with abundant tropical fish life and coral, at Grand Island, Bat Island, Sail Rock and dozen of other reefs, and excellent deep drop-offs are perfect and excellent for free diving spearfishing.

We take you to the best diving spots (hot spots) we know, that hold lot of fish. With good water visibility of around 6 to 20 metres, and depth of 8 to 15 metres. Expect to hunt an assortment of reef fish, such as groupers, red snappers, jacks, barracudas, mackerels, cobia, leather skin, sweet lips, spade fish, surgeon fish or a big trevally

Best time, from October to January. The waters are warm most of the time no need for wet suit, however on certain times during current changes, water could get a little cold and light wet suit, and weight belt may be your preference.( a 3 mm wet suit is more than adequate)

We provide you with fins, mask and snorkel, and also have few pneumatic and rubber sling spearguns. However we do encourage you to get your own personal mask, snorkel, fins and spearguns. We provide you with orientation briefing in which you will learn how to use our equipments and safe diving techniques. For conservation, in addition to saving our depletion of fish population, limit your kill, and not kill your limit.

Our guided tour packages are designed for experienced free diving spearfishing enthusiasts only.